VeChain Will Be Used By The Public Every Day Without Them Even Knowing, Says Sunny Lu

VeChain is currently the 16th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap but has a community that is stronger and more dedicated than many bigger coins

VeChain has been announcing partnership after partnership in 2018 along with several development updates and visions for the future of VeChain. This has left investors very optimistic about the future of VeChain.

In a recent blog post by Sunny LU, CEO of the VeChain Foundation, he expressed what he thinks the future of VeChain looks like. He had this to say

I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it

He also later added that blockchain technology definitely has the ability to disrupt and upgrade several sectors of the world, but that it had to be engineered as a tool for mass adoption. It is simply not easy enough to use at the moment, but VeChain is aiming to change that through the VeChainThor Platform.

Sunny Le believes that making VeChain and its blockchain widely adopted at an enterprise level, will create mass worldwide adoption of VeChain through business activity.

If his vision is true, it will not only be amazing for VeChain, but also legitimize the use of cryptocurrencies, which is sure to be felt in the crypto market.

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