Verge Announces Huge Partnership With Leading Content Provider In The Adult Industry

Members of the Verge community has eagerly been waiting for Verge to announce its most recent partnership which they have teased for a while now

Today, Verge announced a huge partnership with non-other than, the leading provider of adult content around the world. This announcement comes after much anticipating from the Verge community.

From today, users of Pornhub will be able to use the Verge currency (XVG) to purchase services and subscriptions within their site. This is a very convenient solution for many users as Verge focuses on privacy.

Having your cryptocurrency integrated into such a huge corporation is great for the overall reputation and usability of the coin. Such a partnership could very well be reflected in the value of XVG.

This announcement is obviously great for Verge (XVG), but also for the rest of the cryptocurrency world, as this legitimizes the concept and shows other corporations that you, in fact, can utilize this new technology and that it even comes with its benefits. Hopefully, this partnership will bring even more adoption of cryptocurrencies into the world.

You can find the announcement video created by Pornhub below


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