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There are certain things in the world that people will always demand. One of those is real estate because people need somewhere to live. The concept of certain cities being more popular and attractive than others is simply a bonus for the industry, as it always results in rising real estate prices for that specific city or area. Because of this, real estate is a very popular market amongst investors, with entire funds and companies solely operating within the real estate market. The downside of this industry, however, is that it requires quite some funds to get started in the industry. The average person has nowhere near enough money to start investing in other real estates than what they live in if they can even afford to buy their own place to start off with. Another way to invest in the real estate market other than directly buying some real estate is to invest in funds that invest the fund’s money in the real estate market. This means that you can invest less than it costs to buy an expensive house, but still benefit from the success of the fund’s operations in the real estate market. The REIT, as it is called, can even buy much more expensive properties than usual by gathering investments from several investors, if they believe the more expensive property is going to be more profitable. But even with this solution, investors have to throw in a ton of money, more than the average person can afford to invest. A project by the name of Global REIT aims to change all of that. They are creating a REIT on the blockchain, where profits from the fund, is distributed to the token holders. This means that you, in theory, will be able to invest as little as you want into the real estate market, a truly exciting opportunity for those interested in the market.

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The GRET & GREM token issued by Global Reit

Global Reit is doing their ICO in a different way than usual, they are issuing two different tokens for each investor, the GRET token, and the GREM token. The GRET token will provide token holders with a monthly dividend of 8% of the investment made, GREM will also be paying a dividend, this one is 2% of NAV to start off with, but will reduce to 1.25% over time. For more details on these two coins please read their official whitepaper.

Besides using blockchain themselves to greatly improve their operations and the opportunities for investors, Global Reit is also going to offer other parties in the industry such as other REITs, the opportunity to benefit from the blockchain solutions Global Reit is building. By doing this, even more of the real estate market is going to move to blockchain solutions.

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Global Reit token sale

The Global Reit project is currently conducting their ICO, selling their two tokens, GREM & GRET. Investors who contribute to this ICO will receive both tokens, which are going to be paying dividends to investors as described above. More than $12 million has already been contributed to the project. The ICO is scheduled to end on the 30th of June, so there is plenty of time to join. If you are interested in the project, the token sale and want to participate in it, then please visit their official site here

Global Reit introduction video

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.



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