Twitter Working On Measures To Stop Crypto-Scams

An ongoing scam has been terrorizing every tweet made by prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community. Even some unrelated figures such as Elon Musk is being targeted by this scam. Many of the individuals affected by this have called for measures to be taken against this scam, as it hasn’t seemed to slow down, at least until today.

Samson Mow made a tweet today, giving the Founder & CEO of Twitter suggestions on what could be done against these kinds of actions and the reply was clear, the Twitter team is on it. As Jack also states, it is a tough obstacle to tackle, as the problem is so rampant.

Another very known individual in the cryptocurrency community, is the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee. He was also excited about what Jack had to say about the issue and tweeted out this

Something very ironic is that the first reply to that tweet made by Charlie was a crypto-scam! The scammer’s profile is now suspended, but we did manage to grab a screenshot of it before it was gone.

2018-03-01 00_37_13-Charlie Lee [LTC] på Twitter_ _Hope to see Twitter address this problem soon @ja

For anybody out there, that might be unfamiliar with this kind of scam. The above is a prime example of what the scam looks like, impersonating a well-known individual and then promising free cryptocurrency if you send the scammer some first. NEVER send anyone on Twitter anything, it is a scam. How you can tell it is a fake profile, is by looking at the accounts @, its followers, if it has a verified badge or not, or if it’s making a post telling you to send it cryptocurrency, then it’s a scam.

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