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The Dogezer project aims to establish a digital platform allowing users to start, work or contribute to software projects. What this entails is the ability for an individual to make their dream project a reality by hiring a full team of software developers etc. to create the desired product. Anyone can start a project on the Dogezer platform, plan the direction of the project, write a revenue plan and start hiring the perfect team. Not only will anyone be able to start a project, they will be able to do it completely without raising any funds through investors, as developers, digital artists, marketing experts etc are paid with tokens, issued solely for the specific project. Later on, when the product is complete and hopefully starts to generate some revenue, the project founder uses this money to buy back the project-tokens from his/her team as per agreement. This ensures not only an exciting journey for everyone involved but also the full commitment to making the project a success, as everyone is rewarded for it.

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This is not only a great platform for entrepreneurs wanting to start a project themselves but also very useful for people talented in all kinds of fields such as software development, marketing, digital design etc. If you are great at something, chances are there is a project that could use your expertise, allowing you to get in on the ground floor of a fresh new tech startup. Dogezer eliminates the hassle of finding an investor, actually be approved to receive funds for a project and rapidly speeds up the process of finding a worldwide virtual team. The Dogezer platform also enables already established projects to start their very own initial coin offering and helps with related tasks such as smart contract deployment, marketing page, and bounty campaign management. Other tools offered by the platform include

  • Talent marketplace for selling and buying services
  • Version control system for software programs
  • Document editor for collaborative work
  • Task tracking
  • Messaging service
  • Cloud storage

An alpha version of the Dogezer platform has already been launched, it can be found here Below is a graphic of expected Dogezer platform structure




As the digitalization of the entire world continues at an alarming rate, new tech-startups pop up every day. With the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, many new ideas are brought to life all the time. Therefore, it’s safe to say a huge market for new tech companies exist, and will most likely exist, if not grow even larger in the foreseeable future. A platform like Dogezer definitely fulfills a need for this industry, as many people come up with great ideas based on these brand new technologies, but doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to start a project. This is where Dogezer hopefully will be able to bring all of those ideas to life, helping a bunch of entrepreneurs in the process.


Screenshot of test-projects on the Dogezer alpha platform


Token sale

To fund their project, Dogezer is raising funds through an initial token offering (ITO), selling their ERC20 token DGZ, issued on the Ethereum blockchain. This token is going to act as a license-medium on the Dogezer platform. The usability of the DGZ token depends on the total amount of DGZ tokens that exist in the world (not burned/destroyed). The formula of this is presented in their whitepaper, it is as follows




Sale started the 15th of February

Sale ends the 8th of March


1 DGZ = 1 USD (in Ether equivalent)


  • The total amount of tokens issued is 100.000.000 DGZ tokens
  • A maximum 98.000.000 DGZ will be available for purchase during the token sale

All unsold tokens will be burned/destroyed

The following is the expected allocation of funds, depending on total amount raised.

Allocation2018-03-02 00_06_07-Dogezer_Whitepaper_14_34.pdf – Google Chrome



The Dogezer project started back in April of 2016 and expects to launch the beta version of their main product, the Dogezer platform in July of 2018




Dogezer already has a team of considerable size and are always looking for more people to help their project thrive. If you wish to learn more about each member or see all of their advisors, you can do so on their website: or in their whitepaper



A video quickly explaining the concept of/how to use the platform has been prepared by the Dogezer team.

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit their website: or read their whitepaper:

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