Prince Of Liechtenstein Interested In Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies

Back in February of this year, Hereditary Prince Of Liechtenstein, Alois, gave an interview on CNBC regarding cryptocurrencies. What Alois was most excited about was blockchain technology which he believes will change many sectors of the modern world. He even added that their government might use it for administrative tasks.

Alois wasn’t quite as bullish on cryptocurrencies but didn’t count them out at all, he still thinks they are interesting and might even invest in them through their family’s fortune. The thing that obviously worried him was the extreme volatility and the fact that his family doesn’t have the internal expertise on the matter.

Particularly this whole new economy, digital economy, is something to look more into in the future.

Prince Alois added, “where cryptocurrencies will move to, I think that is very open still” implying its risky nature. Whether or not the royal family of Liechtenstein actually decides to invest can only time tell, at least for now around one and a half month later, they don’t seem to have done so.

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