Dan Bilzerian Thinks Another Bull Run Is Coming Soon

Most notably known for his extravagant lifestyle filled with gambling, babes and partying, Dan Bilzerian without a doubt has quite some money to spend. According to himself, he earned most of his wealth through high stakes poker, but many have been critical of this statement claiming he got his money from his dad who previously was caught in a serious scandal. Nevertheless, Dan Bilzerian has a chunk of money laying around and revealed back in May of last year, that he had bought a “shitton” of Bitcoin. As we all know, that turned out to be a very smart decision by Dan Bilzerian who later that year revealed what his crypto portfolio consisted of

Despite getting in at a fantastic price, he didn’t stay a hodler as he revealed today, that he sold his crypto holdings a couple of months ago, during the bull run of December. In the same tweet, Blizerian says he believes another bull run might be just around the corner.

Twitter user, @crypto_monopoly, did not believe any of this, he called Blizerian out as being a liar, saying that it is “easy to tweet some bullshit like this on a month when crypto is down”.

Bilzerian wasn’t having any of this, he publicly responded to the tweet proposing a bet, saying that he did, in fact, sell his crypto and has proof of it.

@crypto_monopoly accepted the bet, asking for proof that he sold his Bitcoin at $18k+, to which Bilzerian proposed a modest bet of a million dollars on him selling millions of BTC at $16.5k along with other cryptocurrencies of his.


Image Source: https://twitter.com/DanBilzerian


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