CryptoKitties Raised More Than $15,000 For Charity Selling Virtual Kitties

CryptoKittes, a decentralized app built on the Ethereum blockchain, gained a ton of popularity back in early January of this year. Back then, some virtual kitties sold for more than $100,000.

The dApp, CryptoKitties, doesn’t have quite as much hype as it did back when it really boomed, but people are certainly still playing the game. Just in the last 24 hours, approximately 41 Ether ($24,650) worth of kitties was exchanged on the app.

In the past, many charitable initiatives have been created by members and companies of the cryptocurrency community, including CryptoKitties. Last month they started a campaign in order to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

370 custom kitties were made for the occasion and put up for auction on the app. The money raised through the auction was donated to the hospital. When the auction was over, a total of 21.6 Ether was raised, worth a little more than $15,000 at the time.

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