Michael Novogratz Believes The Crypto Market Will Reach $20 Trillion

One of the public Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors is Michael Novogratz. He has been expressing his thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market multiple times publicly, but this time was a little more surprising than usual.

In a recent interview, Michael Novogratz was invited to an interview about cryptocurrency and the regulation of it. In this interview, Novogratz was very positive towards the entire industry, which is not surprising as he is building a banking merchant in cryptocurrency.

He isn’t quite sure what to call his cryptocurrency investment fund, as he doesn’t believe it to become the Goldman Sachs of cryptocurrency anymore, it will become something much greater.

Michael Novogratz plans to raise $193,000,000 for his project Galaxy Digital LP and then list shares of it on a Canadian stock exchange.

In the interview, Michael Novogratz notably said that he believes that the cryptocurrency market will reach $20 trillion at some point. Whether it will be able to hold on to that value, is a whole different discussion that Novogratz doesn’t have a guaranteed answer for.

You can watch the entire interview right here



Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhzlaymNIk&ab_channel=BloombergTVMarketsandFinance


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