Full Details Of The Qubic Project Have Finally Been Released

The IOTA community has eagerly been waiting for information about the Qubic project, previously known as project Q before its reveal last month. Back then only a little information in the form of a video was released.

Now, details on all services and tools within the Qubic project has been released on their website. They do emphasize that Qubic is still a work in progress, not a final product yet, so expect even more updates to be released in the future.

Qubic explicitly announced that the project doesn’t include any new coin or any kind of ICO, it is simply a project built on top of the IOTA tangle, utilizing the network’s fee-less transactions.

The Qubic project has a very wide vision that currently has plans to offer outsourced computing, smart contracts, and more. IOTA did pass TRON in terms of market cap a couple of days ago after TRON passed it back in May.

If you are interested in the Qubic project, please visit their website for full details and explanations on what they are trying to achieve and create https://qubic.iota.org

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