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The rise of blockchain and gaming

One industry that has been growing and evolving at rapid speed throughout the latest decade, is gaming. If you compare a game from just 10 years ago with the newest titles today, the difference in quality is immense. Even the amount of gamers has exploded bringing with them a competitive e-sports scene generating around a billion dollars a year. Another industry that has been blowing up in the latest decade, and especially in the latest year, is the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Because of the unique opportunities blockchain technology offers, some developers have already tried to combine the world of gaming and blockchain. There are a plethora of blockchain games out there, but none of them are games in the sense of what you would normally associate with gaming. They usually consist of some kind of collecting of unique digital assets such as graphics of kitties that you can breed to create new unique assets and then trade with one another. It is however not yet possible to trade with people across different games or off-chain which would significantly increase the usability of blockchain games. Luckily, a project by the name of BIT GAME, is creating just that and more. They have set out on a mission to improve the world of blockchain gaming by offering a range of services to developers and game operators, including an exchange for blockchain game assets.

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An entire blockchain gaming ecosystem

BIT GAME is going to function as a central part of the games that utilize its services. BIT GAME is offering everything from asset trading incubation funds. This combined with a set of developers tools provided by BIT GAME allows for new and innovative games to be created and then be a part of the BIT GAME ecosystem. One of the current downsides of blockchain games are the immense transaction fees which you have to pay every time you carry out an action in the game. A solution to this problem could be an off-chain system which is exactly what BIT GAME is creating. Some blockchain games have already transacted millions of dollars in ether with some digital assets being sold for more than $100k a piece. This just shows the potential of the industry, especially when blockchain games start to become more like the popular games of today.

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BGX token sale

BIT GAME is currently running their own token sale, selling their token BGX. A contributing of 1 Ether gets you 60,000 BGX tokens and a 5% bonus is applied if you contribute more than 10 ETH. These BGX tokens are going to be used within the BIT GAME ecosystem once the product is finished. There is going to be issued a total of 10,000,000,000 BGX tokens of which 4,000,000,000 BGX are available for purchase during this token sale. BGX tokens are ERC20 standard, which means that you just hold them in your Ethereum address. Do notice, that you need to hold the private key to your Ethereum address in order to access BGX tokens, you can’t use an exchange wallet. The token comes with many benefits other than usability within the BIT GAME ecosystem, you can read more about these benefits in the BIT GAME whitepaper here

Introduction video

A video explaining the vision of the BIT GAME project has been created by the team

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.






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