Ripple Donates $4,000,000 To Ellen Degeneres’ Wildfire Fund

Ripple has a history of sharing some of their wealth with people in need, back in March they donated around $29,000,000 to classroom projects through the education-crowdfunding website and now they have done it again

On a recent airing of The Ellen Show, Ashton Kutcher had quite a surprise for Ellen. Ashton brought in his friend and business partner Guy Oseary, who has invested in the company Ripple along with Ashton Kutcher’s venture capital firm Sound Ventures.

Ashton Kutcher made a long speech about Ellen’s generosity throughout her carrier and her caring for others in need. Because of this, a $4,000,000 donation from Ripple, Sound Ventures, Ashton & Guy was given to Ellen Degeneres’ Wildfire fund. The announcement made Ellen shed a tear of happiness.

When announcing the donation, Ashton Kutcher added: “Usually people come out with the big giant check and do the big giant check thing, but we can actually transfer into Rwandan Francs right now right here and all we have to do is push this button that’s in your account.”

Ellen was the one to push the send button on Ashton Kutcher’s phone and was very excited about it. The donation was instantly converted from US Dollars to Rwandan Franc. The entire video can be found below

Image Source: FlickrcelebrityabcCC BY-SA 2.0

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