PeruCoin – Educating The Peruvian Citizens About The World Of Crypto

Pushing adopting of cryptocurrencies in Peru

If you are involved with the world of cryptocurrencies, you need that adoption is one of the most needed things in the field at the moment. Most people simply hold on to their funds at the moment, and would never spend it, even if they had the choice to do so. But there are countries out there that actually have a much broader adoption of the currency than you might think. These are usually countries with government issues and high inflation rates of fiat currency. Venezuela and Africa have been some of the countries that have showed real interest in the currency as an alternative to their own. Having more people understand and use cryptocurrency helps the entire industry, which is why a project by the name of PeruCoin has set out on a mission to spread awareness and knowledge about the technology and its capabilities to the citizens of their country. As you can by the projects name, they aim to educate Peru and the Peruvian citizens about the field. PeruCoin has already plans for different ways to engage and excite the citizens about the industry including showing them a real-life bitcoin mining farm which they have plans to build in the future. The reason why Peru is a great place to promote cryptocurrencies is that it has a very low rate of adoption compared to other countries in South America.

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The PeruCoin bitcoin mining farm and PRU token

One of the main attractions and ways of educating the Peruvian public, is through the PeruCoin bitcoin mining farm. This farm will be used as an attracting for citizens to visit in order to see first hand how new Bitcoins are created. A percentage of the funds raised during PeruCoins ICO will be spent on building the Bitcoin mining farm and once that is up and running, a very interesting buyback program has been established around this mining operation. On an annual basis, 30% of the cryptocurrency mined by the Bitcoin mining farm, will be used to buy back PeruCoin from the market, at market value. This means that a demand for PeruCoin occurs, in relation to the success and profit of the mining operation. The project has made a detailed list of equipment and real estate needed to make the mining operation a reality, you can check out these numbers in their whitepaper starting at page 42,

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PeruCoin token sale

PeruCoin is currently running their token sale which is still in the pre-sale phase at the time of this writing. They are selling their token (PRU). In the pre-sale, you get a 20% bonus on your purchase, until the 11th of June. 1 PRU is being sold for $7. These tokens will be used within the PeruCoin ecosystem and in the buyback program as described above.


Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.



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