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The hassle of switching between exchanges is over

There are over one thousand cryptocurrencies on the market, but exchanges have nowhere near that amount of pairs trading on their exchange. This leaves investors to switch and send funds between different exchanges in order to get their hands on specific cryptocurrencies. Tradershub has set out to fix this issue, they are creating a crypto platform that offers all cryptocurrencies by implemented a bunch of crypto exchanges into the Tradershub platform. The team behind Tradershub has a ton of experience with traditional forex trading platforms, so they are going to be implementing a variety of advanced trading tools into Tradershub. Other features such as portfolio tracking, alerts, and single click execution will make investing in cryptocurrencies easier for individuals who might not have experience in trading or technology. Tradershub will also have a social aspect as traders can copy and share their portfolio and trading strategy with each other to earn commissions. Tradershub will be available across all devices.



Trading should be simple and secure

Tradershub wants to make crypto trading as simple as possible, but also secure. Security is one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies, as stolen funds are very difficult to regain. Therefore, Tradershub is planning on offering the ability to connect the users’ own wallet to the exchange so the funds can be stored in a cold wallet like ledger at all times. Other measures are also being taken against hackers, such as IP-whitelisting. Before jumping into trading with real money, users can try out their skills with a demo account which essentially uses play money.  Tradershub features an arbitrage opportunity visualizer which displays which exchange offers the best buy or sell price of a specific cryptocurrency. The Tradershub platform is built on a 3 pillar structure which brings the entire platform together.

2018-03-21 14_21_10-Whitepaper.pdf


The THT token

Tradershub will be issuing their own ERC20 utility token, the THT token. This token will be used to pay for services and fees on the Tradershub platform. THT will also be rewarded to users who socially engage on the platform through a rating system.



Token sale

To fund their project, Hamster Marketplace is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token THT.


The token sale starts the 5th of March

The token sale starts the 26th of March


The price of THT depends on the current stage, see prices bonuses below

pic price.png



  • Total amount of tokens issued is 83.385.000 THT
  • A maximum 50.031.000 THT will be available for purchase during the token sale
  • Hard cap is 12.000 ETH
  • Soft cap is 3.000 ETH


The team behind Tradershub has experience in many sectors of the financial world, software development, forex platforms and more. Here are some of the members

pic team


To view the entire team, learn more about each member & advisor, you can visit their official website: or read their whitepaper:


The Tradershub project is constantly updating the community by answering questions on their YouTube channel.

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.






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