Blockshipping – Creating A Global Blockchain Based Container Registry

An underlying issue in an enormous industry

The container shipping industry is one of those industries most people know is of considerable size but most people don’t quite grasp just how enormous and how important the industry is for the entire world. A single container ship like the Triple E from 2013 can carry up to 18 thousand metal containers on a single voyage. Just try to imagine the number of goods and products a ship like that can hold. It’s no wonder the container shipping industry accounts for a considerable amount of the global shipping volume. It actually ships around $12 trillion worth of products every single year. If you’ve ever visited an industrial harbor you might have seen the astonishing amount of containers laying around waiting to be filled and shipped, you might also have wondered how they possibly could keep track of all of those containers. The reality is, they can’t really, there are over 25 million containers around the world and that number is only going to rise. This issue causes companies to ship empty containers because which results in lost revenue both in terms of potential profit, but also actual loses because of increased fuel costs and needed operational processes, therefore a solution is needed asap. A project that is trying to exactly that, is Blockshipping, a Danish company that is creating a Global Shared Container Platform based on blockchain technology. This platform will act as a global container registry where all related companies and services in the industry can carry out and manage their inventory and operations.


A project created out of a need

It’s always important for a project of any kind that the service or product they are creating has a real-world use and preferably is needed. In this case, we can certainly check off both of these conditions, the very project was actually created out of necessity. Peter Ludvigsen, the CEO & Founder of Blockshipping has worked in the industry for 38 years, including time at Mærsk, one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, and the most valuable company in Denmark. Peter Ludvigsen himself noticed this issue when working in the industry, and believes that as much as $5.7 billion can be saved in the industry with the upcoming platform he and his team are creating. Another very notable fact here is that multiple major shipping companies have shown great interest in the project and the platform, with many of them offering to invest in the project.


The Blockshipping token sale

The Blockshipping project is currently conducting their ICO selling their CCC token. This token is going to provide holders with a share of a revenue share pool which gets funded by transaction fees collected by the GSCP platform. If you are interested in their token sale or want to participate in it, please visit to learn more.

Blockshipping introduction video


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To view the entire team and their advisors, visit

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If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.



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