The EOS Mainnet Goes Live After Year-Long Initial Coin Offering

EOS has had one of the longest ICOs in crypto history raising more than $4 billion. The market cap of EOS is, however, now valued at almost $11 billion taking the spot as the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency.

EOS had built quite the dedicated community and market cap before their main product, the EOS blockchain, had even been launched. The EOS community has for many months been excited about the launch of the mainnet. Today, that finally happened, the EOS mainnet went live without any issues or difficulties.

Like many other huge cryptocurrencies aiming to create their own platform on blockchain, EOS started out as an ERC20 token, which is now migrating to its very own blockchain.

The EOS network ran 1 week of testing through the EOS testnet on which any issues could be resolved or any improvements could be added.

A bug bounty was also released which allowed developers or anything with knowledge about coding to find bugs in the EOS code and be rewarded for it. Reportedly, a single developer made $120k in a single week by identifying bugs on the network.

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