Digital Ticks ICO – A Unique Commodity Cryptocurrency Exchange

A unique take on a cryptocurrency exchange

The world of cryptocurrency has been growing immensely throughout the last year. Even though the value of the entire crypto market has fallen quite a bit since the December high of last year, many new investors are constantly joining the space. When looking comparing the market now versus December it obviously looks bad, but when comparing it to a year ago, the market is up a ton, and more importantly, the volume has increased a ton. Many exchanges have announced that they have more than quadrupled their user base in 2018 alone, so there is definitely a ton of interest in the market despite its slide. There are quite a few cryptocurrency exchanges on the market right now, but almost every one of those does the exact same thing. A project that goes by the name of Digital Ticks is changing that. They are creating a very unique crypto exchange that not only features a ton of innovative tools and services that make life easier for both novice and professional investors but also offers commodities. That’s right, on the upcoming Digital Ticks crypto exchange, you will be able to trade directly from crypto to commodity, something that has never been seen before in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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The importance of accessibility and security for Digital Ticks

Digital Ticks doesn’t just want to be another crypto exchange on the market, they want to make a difference in the field, push the industry forward and give investors the tools they didn’t even know they needed. Their upcoming exchange features a ton of hotkeys for different actions which allows investors to make decisions faster than ever before. You can also view your entire portfolio’s performance in a single view and of course trade multiple cryptocurrencies. You can check your Digital Ticks account everywhere you go as it is available on all sorts of devices. Digital Ticks is using the industry’s toughest security to ensure all user funds are secure. Another unique feature of the Digital Ticks exchange is the ability to perform OCO orders, which are “one cancels the other” orders, which isn’t available on any other crypto exchange at the moment. To make everything more convenient for its users, Digital Ticks will be using their own token on the exchange, the DTx token. This token will give users who hold it discounts on fees when trading, the ability to pay withdrawal fees in it and more.

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Digital Ticks token sale

The Digital Ticks project is currently conducting their ICO, selling their ERC20 token DTx. These tokens are going to be used within the exchange once it is finished as described above. More than 59 million DTx tokens have already been sold out of a total of 64 million. They are currently being sold at a rate of $0.7 per DTx token. If you are interested in the token sale or want to participate in it, please visit their official site at

Digital Ticks introduction video

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.







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