Vexanium – A Marketing Ecosystem Built On Blockchain Technology

Marketing is everywhere all the time

In this modern world, you probably can’t go a single day without seeing any marketing campaign or advertisement launched by some company. It’s actually how many social media sites generate their revenue, by allowing companies to do marketing on their platform. The marketing industry is enormous and in constant change and competition. So why not apply the latest innovative technology to the field? Well, that is exactly what Vexanium is doing. They are creating a unique marketing ecosystem which offers companies more tools and marketing opportunities never seen before in any other advertising agency. On the Vexanium platform, companies can for example launch campaigns that offer incentives for utilizing the VEX token to purchase their goods. Consumers who already know of the ecosystem can easily find good deals and discounts while companies can attract new customers. The use of blockchain technology allows for transactions to be transparent and trustable as code controls everything. Shops or businesses can create vouchers for new or existing customers directly through the voucher exchange which gives customers benefits and the business new customers, a win-win situation. A graphic showing how the entire Vexanium ecosystem works together with the use of blockchain has been created by the team, check it out right here.

Vexanium blockchain ecosystem graphic.png


Create an airdrop campaign with ease and more

Airdrops have become a very popular and efficient strategy to acquire new users and customers in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, most companies aren’t experienced with cryptocurrency or blockchain at all, so they wouldn’t even know where to start if they wanted to create an airdrop campaign. This is why Vexanium has created an airdrop platform for businesses that allows them to create their own airdrop campaign with ease. Businesses around the world can finally benefit from the innovative campaigns that the world of crypto has brought with it. The Vexanium ecosystem utilizes its own cryptocurrency, the VEX token, which runs on its own blockchain. Therefore, an explorer by the name of Vexplorer so users can track all transactions and addresses on the Vexanium network.

The Vexanium project has a very active community that has attended multiple meetups around the world. Pictures and details from these events can be found on the official Vexanium website here

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Vexanium token sale

Vexanium is currently running an ICO selling their VEX token which is going to be used within the Vexanium ecosystem once it is complete. Over 215 million VEX has already been sold out of a maximum of 400 million VEX. You can buy VEX tokens at a rate of 20,000 VEX per 1 ETH. If you are interested in their token sale or want to participate in it, then please visit their official site at

Vexanium Video

A video presenting the vision and idea behind the project has been prepared by the team

Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.






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