The VeChain Thor Public Testnet Goes Live After Much Anticipating

VeChain is one of the cryptocurrencies that is creating a platform on top of a cryptocurrency. Just like on the Ethereum network, developers will be able to create and host applications on the VeChain Thor network.

The test version of the upcoming upgrade of the current VeChain platform has now been made public for users and developers to try out. The final version of the VeChain Thor network will be released once it is confirmed to be working as intented

The announcement was made earlier today by the VeChain Foundation. On Twitter this announcement raked in over 700 likes and 240 retweets.

The VeChain Foundation has like many other cryptocurrency foundations, launched their own bug bounty campaign. In this campaign, developers, coders or anyone who understands the language behind the VeChain Thor network have the ability to earn rewards based on the amount of bugs found and the severity of each one. These kinds of bounties have proven quite profitable for talented individuals, one developer earned $120k in a week by discovering several bugs on the EOS network.


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