There Now Exists A Bitcoin Convenience Store & Cafe In The Philippines

The one thing every major personality and developer in the world of Bitcoin wants right now is not an increase in price or trading volume, but rather adopting of Bitcoin. For if this were to happen, the rest would simply follow.

In the latest year, more and more businesses including real estate agencies and some airports have started to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternate payment method. But so far, all of these are simply just an option besides the regular fiat cash and credit cards, it has never been the primary payment method, or only one.

Now, however, a store that is dedicated to Bitcoin has opened in the Philippines. The store goes by the name of Bitcoin Convenience Store & Café and is exactly what it sounds like. This is a notable point in the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a store selling everyday goods and household products dedicated to only Bitcoin payments hasn’t been seen before.

A picture of the store was posted to the /r/bitcoin subreddit earlier today and has now received more than 840 upvotes.

The picture of the Bitcoin convenience store and café can be seen below

bitcoin convenience store and café philippines

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