TV Sensation Ellen DeGeneres On Bitcoin

The world-famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres is apparently down with bitcoin as she phrases it herself. She runs The Ellen Show which has millions of viewers.  In her little speech about bitcoin, she points out how most people have no idea how the technology works. People on different social sites have pointed out that this is kinda like the early days of the internet when nobody really knew how it worked but turned out to change the entire world.

All I know is bitcoin is either worth $20k or nothing, that’s what I know

Ellen does try to explain some of the very basics of bitcoin to her audience with a humorous comparison to a digital goat. She does also talk about the investment opportunity behind the digital currency but doesn’t mention that you, in fact, don’t have to buy an entire bitcoin which would have been nice for the public to know.

The segment ends by saying if you invest in bitcoin you’ll either be a millionaire or completely broke, something most people reading this probably relates to.

Thumbnail image: By The White House from Washington, DC – P031215AL-0408, Public Domain,

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