TRON Launches Bug Bounty With Rewards Ranging Up To $10,000,000

Tron launched its mainnet a little under a week ago, so far no issues have occurred, but you also want to be on the safe side when launching a network with so many users and so much money involved.

To ensure operations keep on going as planned, The TRON Foundation has now launched a bug bounty program in which developers and programmers are rewarded for finding bugs in the code of the TRON network.

Depending on the severity of the bug found awards differ. The maximum reward is $10,000,000 if a bug is deemed fatal and severe enough. This award will most likely not be given out, as it would mean a bug that potentially could crash the entire network or enable users to steal funds from other people simply by interacting with the code is present.

Bugs are classified into three categories, fatal bugs, advanced bugs and intermedia bugs. Within each of these categories, the specific bug found will be ranked according to severity as well.

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