These Cryptocurrencies Has Risen More Than 100% In The Latest Month

April marked a huge return in the cryptocurrency market, after a long time of falling prices across the board, pretty much all cryptocurrencies boomed.

The biggest of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin has risen more than 30% in the last 30 days, now valued at around $9135. This is a huge rise in just 30 days but is not all that impressive when looking at some of the other cryptocurrencies’ sudden rise.

A notable coin is EOS, which has risen more than 228% in the last 30 days, now taking up the spot as the 5th most valuable cryptocurrency at a market cap of 15.45 billion dollars.

Two other coins that both have a very dedicated fan base, is Tron and Cardano. Tron has risen more than 166% in the last 30 days and Cardano has risen about 147%.

The top 50 cryptocurrency that has risen the most in the last 30 days, is Ontology with an impressive increase of 307%, now valued at $8.45 per ONT.

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