The VeChain Foundation Releases VeChain Whitepaper After Much Anticipating

VeChain has a very loyal and dedicated fanbase which for months has been anticipating the release of the official VeChain whitepaper. Today, the VeChain Foundation released some news which sparked a ton of excitement throughout the community.

In an earlier post on, we discussed how the VeChain whitepaper was going to be one of the longest of all cryptocurrencies out there. Back then, it was revealed by Sunny Lu, CEO of the VeChain foundation, that the whitepaper was going to be more than 100 pages long.

The whitepaper’s final number of pages is 114 which covers everything from the technicalities of the cryptocurrency to government-related obstacles.

The tweet in which the whitepaper was revealed, has over 800 likes at the time of writing, with over 330 people retweeting it as well.

The VeChain whitepaper can be found as a pdf file here.

VeChain (VEN) is currently valued at $4.56 and is up around 4% in the last 24 hours as of this writing.

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