OnLive – Decentralized Video/Consultant Broadcasting Platform

Demand for quality information is rising

When the internet was invented, the way people obtained information changed forever. Today, people can easier than ever acquire specific information about something they need at any given time but finding a guide or tutorial for the specific issue one has, isn’t always available. OnLive has identified this issue and has set out on a mission to change that, they want people to have access to quality help regarding any issue they might encounter. OnLive believes they can solve it by creating an open platform where individuals can offer their help and expertise through video consulting.


The aim of OnLive is to utilize the revolutionary blockchain technology to create a decentralized broadcasting platform. This platform offers a variety of services including live-streaming and consulting. Participants have extensive customization available in order to create channels for their exact product and hit the right audience. OnLive gives participants the option to choose how much their services cost or whether they should be free. The OnLive platform revolves around their ERC20 token ONL, which is used as a payment solution on the platform. Blockchain technology allows for limitless scalability and a completely decentralized environment.

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Source: OnLive Whitepaper


The OnLive broadcasting platform gives the power to the creator, they decide if and how their content/services should be monetized. Regarding online consulting users can create channels specific for the service they can provide, choose the duration of a session, how much it will cost, how many people per session, immediate chatting & much more. Some of the real world cases for this digital consulting could be cooking lessons, software support, education & whatever service the public might need.

Live-streaming which is a growing phenomenon in the world is also available for the creators on the OnLive platform. The user can broadcast live in HD with a range of options to monetize their content. This includes:

  • Pay per view & pay per minute
  • In-stream payments
  • Donations
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertisement

Reputation, bonus & escrow systems are also included in the platform allowing creators to build a healthy reputation to acquire more deals while giving customers the ability to find the best and most trusted services.

The OnLive team has constructed a very detailed video, showing how to setup and use their platform.



It’s always important to look at the industry a project is tackling. In this case, they are diving into the live-streaming market and the online consulting market. In 2015 the live-streaming market was valued at 30.9 billion dollars and the online consulting market 23 billion dollars. This is already a huge market, but with the always growing digitalization of the world, this industry is bound to grow even bigger. Such a big and thriving industry is great for the OnLive project which hopefully can acquire a piece of it.

Numbers source: OnLive Whitepaper


The OnLive team has been working since 2014 and has a plan for what they need to accomplish in the foreseeable future. According to their roadmap, the platform is scheduled to launch in Q2 of 2018.


Source: OnLive Whitepaper

Token sale

OnLive is raising funds for the project through an initial coin offering (ICO) selling their ERC20 tokens ONL. This token will be the currency used for payments etc. on the platform.


Sale started the 22nd of January (Block dependent)

Sale ends the 28th of February (Block dependent)


610.5 ONL = 1 ETH (Bonuses are available for different stages, see picture below)




  • A total of 111M ONL tokens will be issued.
  • 12.210.00 ONL will be available for the pre ICO sale.
  • 61.050.000 ONL will be available for the ICO sale.

Pre ICO hard cap is 14K ETH, ICO hard cap is 100K ETH. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.


OnLive already has an extensive team & will most likely add even more staff members to the project in the future, the entire list can be found on the OnLive website.




OnLive runs a bounty-program which can be found here. The bitcointalk ANN can be found here. For further announcement you the OnLive telegram channel is here.

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If you find interesting in this project and want to learn more about it, you can read their whitepaper here or visit their website is not a financial advisor and does not provide legal or financial advice. Always do your own research and invest responsibly. 

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