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The Lympo project seeks to establish a smart lifestyle platform, aiming to enhance the user experience by implementing a variety of services designed to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle while earning rewards. By utilizing blockchain technology and their ERC20 token LYM, users will be able to earn LYM tokens through things such as loyalty programs, achieving new goals and complete proposed challenges. By creating an entire ecosystem, the Lympo platforms allows for the use of LYM tokens to be widespread across many different applications and services. As LYM tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, they could be traded for other cryptocurrencies allowing for more people to get motivated about achieving fitness and health-related goals because they want to earn these tokens.

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The Lympo ecosystem provides services and opportunities for many businesses, services, coaches and users related to the health and fitness industry. Some of these features include:

  • Digital fitness wallet connected to health apps and wearable gadgets
  • Bounty/Reward creation for users to earn tokens
  • Users’ health and fitness data storage and the exchange of this
  • Marketplace allowing for buying and selling fitness courses, services etc.
  • User-specific activity and training advice based on personal data & interests
  • The ability for startups to raise funds through the lympo ecosystem, gaining users already utilizing the lympo platform & receiving feedback and ratings




Almost everything we humans use is being digitalized in some sort of way. This is also true for the health and fitness industry which itself is a growing market. The health and wellness market’s value doubled from 2005-2017 now valued at around 90,9 billion dollars. A big and growing market is always something any kind of project wants to be in, and it is clear that the lympo project has hit exactly one of those. With even more people in the world continuously gaining access to smartphones and smart-products, the industry has a great chance of growing even more, especially with growing trends towards being more active and healthy.

Token sale

To fund their project, Lympo is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token LYM. The LYM token will be a very important asset for the use of the Lympo platform in regards to rewards, achievements & benefits.


Token sale started the 23rd of January

Token sale ends the 28th of February


Pre ICO: 60.000 LYM = 1 ETH

ICO: 40.000 LYM = 1 ETH

The use of funds raised are expected to be used as follows


Source: Lympo Whitepaper


  • Total supply is LYM tokens
  • A maximum of 650.000.000 LYM tokens are available for purchase
  • Hard cap is 14.625 ETH


These are some of the people in the Lympo team, if you wish to see their entire team and their advisors you can visit their website or view their whitepaper. The team can be reached for any questions or help on their telegram:



Learn More

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it you can visit their website or read their whitepaper. You can also reach the Lympo project on their telegram channel:

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