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The aim of the Lina Review project is to establish a superior review platform built on blockchain technology. This platform will aim to bring a greater experience for not only users but also businesses. The use of blockchain brings transparency & trust enabling for more genuine and real reviews. Apart from users & businesses being shielded against either fake reviews to boost a business’ reputation or fraudulent reviews to damage a business image, people will be able to earn rewards by leaving meaningful reviews verified by other real users. Lina Review will also provide the framework for other businesses to create their own review channels through their blockchain based platform.

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By utilizing the Lina Review platform businesses can potentially gather more trust from their customers and potential future customers by having reviews by verifiable real people. This is the kind of transparency blockchain brings to this first of its kind, review platform built on blockchain technology. Another great feature about how the platform is built is the decentralization. Because of decentralization. users can be certain that ratings are not manipulated to make a business seem better than it actually is. Something that isn’t seen in most other review platforms that exist today, is a reward system for users leaving meaningful and legitimate reviews. This is another feature the Lina Review project has implemented utilizing their ERC20 token LINA.

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Reading reviews of restaurants, products or services is a huge part of any consumer-related activity. Therefore, there is always a demand for reviews of all kinds of products because consumers want to be assured what they are buying is a genuinely good product/service. But on the other hand, businesses are also very interested in having legitimate reviews on their products as this often boosts revenue. With every sort of information going digital these days, most reviews are also read online, making the industry very likely to last in the foreseeable future. This is always great for a project like Lina Review to have an industry to tackle that likely is going to stay and even grow.


The Lina Review Whitepaper features some interesting figures showcasing the technical side of the Lina platform’s connection between smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and the Lina Core blockchain & the bidding/reward sharing flow.


Source: Lina Review Whitepaper


Source: Lina Review Whitepaper

Token sale

To fund their project, Lina Review is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token LINA. This token is as earlier mentioned going to be a center point of their main product, the Lina Review platform.


Sale started the 15th of January

Sale ends the 28th of February

A total of 900.000.000 LINA tokens will be issued of which 300.000.000 will be available for purchase during their token sale.

The following is the budget allocation of raised funds through this ICO


Source: Lina Review Whitepaper


The team has prepared this video to introduce the concept of their project to the masses


According to their roadmap, the alpha version of the Lina Review platform is expected to launch Q2 of 2018



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If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it you can read their whitepaper here or visit their website




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