Golem, CPU Sharing Network, Goes Live On The Ethereum Main Net

Golem was one of the first applications being built on the Ethereum blockchain. Back in 2016 Golem raised approximately 820,000 ETH through their successful ICO.

Golem has created a network where users are able to share their unused computing power with users of Golem and get rewarded for it. People who need extra computing power for any task essentially get access to a “super-computer” through the Golem network as a ton of computers’ power can be used by one user. To get access to other users computing power, you have to purchase it with cryptocurrency. Users who sell their power in return get that cryptocurrency with Golem taking a small fee. This essentially means that you could be doing your regular browsing and make some extra money doing nothing.

After a long time of development, Golem was finally able to relay this exciting announcement with their fans on their Twitter profile today

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