Is Kanye West Secretly A Fan Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies?

An exciting tweet from Kanye West has spread throughout the crypto community

It’s not every day that an A-list celebrity comes out as a Bitcoin supporter to the public, but there have actually been quite a few cases before. One of the most famous and unexpected people who revealed their interest in cryptocurrencies is Katy Perry. She posted this back in January.

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$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$

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Other celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog, Mark Cuban, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and many more have been active in the cryptocurrency community either by investing in cryptocurrencies, crypto startups or promoting ICOs.

Today, however, a particular tweet by none other than Kanye West sparked a ton of conversation in the cryptocurrency community. He tweeted the following

As everyone involved with cryptocurrencies knows, one of the main objectives of making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies adopted throughout the world is to decentralize the power major institutions and governments possess. Therefore, it’s reasonable to believe that Kanye West is referring to the world of crypto in this tweet. It even sparked the interest of major crypto outlet, CoinDesk, who had this to say


Image by:  David Shankbone, Commons WikimediaCC BY 3.0

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