Faxport – Creating A Blockchain Based Platform For Sports Business & Funding

The Sports Industry is bigger than you might think

One of the things that every country in the world has, is sports. Some countries are more competitive than others, but even the least developed countries play different sports with the tools at their disposal. There are many tournaments in all genres of the sports world, the entire world even gathers around to watch international sporting events on a regular basis. Therefore, it is no surprise that the industry comes with a lot of revenue, its annual gross output value has actually reached around 2000 billion dollars and is growing at around 5% per year. There is, however, some problems associated with the industry that a crypto project by the name of Faxport aims to fix. They want to make business easier for those who participate or deal in the sports world by creating a platform which provides all kinds of services including reliable data, connectivity between participants and companies, and allows projects to raise funds through the platform. All data and transactions on the platform will be executed in a secure, transparent and trusted environment as Faxport is based on blockchain technology. Faxport is already involved with the sports world and has gotten the retired football player Roberto Carlos from Real Madrid as their Global Promotion Ambassador.

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Source: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf

FAX GO & the FAS Token

To make things run around, Faxport is introducing their very own ERC20, the FAS token. An interesting ecosystem has been built around the FAS token, not only will it allow people to receive benefits and discounts by paying with it, but there is also a very convenient program built for holders of the FAS token. On their investment platform, FAX GO, holders of FAS can use the token to invest in sports-related projects. If a project is successful, these investors will receive income over time in relating to the success of the invested project. An airdrop program has also been established for holders of FAS who have invested in successful projects. These people will receive priority when applying for free airdropped tokens. It’s always important for a project to be a needed tool in the industry, and in this case, a platform which allows advertisers to express their message to the right people is a very powerful tool. Because of the direct connection between companies and customers of the sports world, users of the Faxport platform will receive more relevant and useful services, which is a decisive factor in the current market. Along with FAX GO, Faxport is also introducing several other products, FAX Data, FAX Connect & FAX Career, learn more about them here.

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Source: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf

Token sale

To fund their project, Faxport is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token FAS. These tokens will be used within the Faxport ecosystem to pay for services, to invest, receive rewards and more.


The token sale started on the 25th of April

The token sale ends the 30th of May


3012 FAS = 1 ETH (Bonuses are available)


  • Maximum amount of tokens minted is 200,000,000 FAS
  • A maximum of 90,000,000 FAS will be for sale during the ICO
  • Hard cap is 13,500,000 USD
  • Soft cap is 2,700,000 USD


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Source: https://faxport.io/

To view the entire team, learn more about them and their advisors, visit the official website at: https://faxport.io/ or read their whitepaper here: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf


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Source: https://faxport.io/



Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.

Website: https://faxport.io/

Whitepaper: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Faxport_EN


My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1855321;sa=summary



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