EOS Becomes The #5 Most Valuable Cryptocurrency Following Crazy Week

EOS has been one of the more popular cryptocurrencies among the community lately, almost doubling its value in just under a week.

The 24th of April was when EOS really started to take off. Back then it was worth around $11.60 per EOS, but that quickly changed. As the 24-hour volume skyrocketed from $700 million to $3.5 billion dollars, the value of EOS followed.

Now just 6 days after the start of its rampage, EOS is now valued at $21 briefly touching $22.9 before stabilizing a bit. The market cap of EOS is currently $17 billion just $7.5 billion behind Bitcoin Cash.

EOS has so far only gone public on their test net, but are scheduled to go live on their main-net the 2nd of June this year, which can have contributed to the sudden increase in value.

A little while ago, John Oliver did a show on cryptocurrencies in which he bashed the EOS project quite hard, but it seems that it didn’t have that great of an effect looking at the recent increase in the value of EOS.


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