Bittrex Proves That The Cryptocurrency Thirst Is Alive & Well

Bittrex is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges with a daily volume of about $224 million according to Coinmarketcap. Bittrex offers a wide range of altcoins.

In the bull run of late 2017, a ton of exchanges had to disable registration for new users because they simply were getting too many requests. This obviously kept a lot of potential investors unable to get their hands on many desired altcoins.

One of the exchanges that had to disable user registration was Bittrex which is currently the 7th biggest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. They are known for their wide range of trading pairs and their experience in the field.

Yesterday Bittrex was able to relay an exciting announcement for the hungry investors who haven’t been able to register on the exchange, Bittrex tweeted this

This sparked a ton of excitement among the community, but no one could have expected what happened a couple of hours later. Especially because the cryptocurrency market has taken quite a tumble since December, so you wouldn’t expect as many new registrations as back then. However, without knowing how many new users signed up for the exchange, it was enough to force Bittrex to temporarily disable new registrations

This proves that despite prices being at a lower point than a couple of months ago, the number of people interested in cryptocurrencies is still at a very high point, way higher than before the latest bull run.

Bittrex has just recently released a preview of their upcoming rework, you can check it out at

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