VeChain Announces Yet Another Partner At The Shanghai Blockchain Conference

Another day, another VeChain partnership. If you had to mention one cryptocurrency that had a ton of partnerships, VeChain would probably be your first answer.

These days, it almost seems like VeChain has a new partnership to announce every single day. Although one might believe that VeChain just partners with anyone to get the announcement out there, but that isn’t the case. VeChain has some of the biggest partners in the world of crypto, including The China State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, Kuehne & Nagel and PWC.

Today, in a blog post by the VeChain Foundation, it was revealed that VeChain has partnered with Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center. The signing of this partnership took place at the Blockchain Research Lab Conference in Shanghai the 25th of May.

Lingang focuses on developing, operating and supporting industrial parks and related services. The company serves over 400,000 people and a wide range of clients. The VeChain Foundation described in their blog post why this partnership is important

This partnership enables VeChain to be continuously featured in the technology trading platform showcasing the technological innovations backed by the Eastern China Tech Transfer Center and the government of Shanghai Lingang.


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