Sandblock – A Loyalty Customer Solution Powered By Blockchain Technology

The inconvenience and ineffectiveness of current solutions

The most important thing for all business is customers. That’s exactly why many businesses do everything in their power to acquire new customers, but also to keep the ones they have as loyal to the company as possible. One popular way to do this is through loyalty programs and coupons. When customers continuously use a specific company’s service or product, they get a product or a service for free at some point. However, this often requires the customer to purchase their service or product up to 15 times before getting anything, which just doesn’t really work in the current consumer industry. Today, there is a ton of similar products and services on the market, so consumers rarely want to just use one specific, they want to try them all. This makes it harder for business to keep their customers through the previously described model. On top of that, many of these programs give you physical loyalty cards, which is inconvenient in a digital world. Some companies have created apps to offer customers an easier solution, but there are still inconveniences associated with this. Some companies only want their own loyalty program within their own app, not on an app with multiple other companies’ loyalty programs. Also, loyalty rewards are strictly bound to you, there is no way of trading what you have earned with others. There is, however, one crypto startup, which aims to create a much more convenient and profitable loyalty environment through the use of blockchain technology and crypto assets, introducing Sandblock.

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How Sandblock is creating a better loyalty ecosystem

You’ve all heard of blockchain technology and the powerful transactions they bring. Trust, privacy, fast, cheap is some of the words that describe transactions powered by a blockchain, which is exactly what Sandblock is applying to their loyalty ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, brands and companies can create their very own crypto tokens and assign whatever benefits and discounts they want to them. This not only gives consumers a much easier and more convenient way of holding their tokens but are also able to seamlessly trade them with anyone in the world. Customers can also enjoy full privacy as all data is completely anonymized. Companies can, however, still utilize this data because it gives them a complete insight into their company’s customer base, a win-win situation. Companies can choose in which scenario customers are rewarded with tokens, it could be when they purchase something or leave helpful feedback. Because of the ability to trade these tokens, companies can actually get new customers who discover their services, because they find the company’s own token. This means that Sandblock isn’t just a great loyalty ecosystem, it’s also a great tool to acquire new customers.

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Token sale

To fund their project, Sandblock is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token SAT. When businesses create their own branded tokens they pay in SAT tokens to do so, which creates a natural demand for SAT relative to the popularity of Sandblock.


The token sale starts in 2 days (16th of May) and ends the 16th of June.


3000 SAT = 1 ETH (Bonuses are available for different phases, see chart below)

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  • Maximum amount of tokens minted is 55,000,000 SAT
  • A maximum of 27,500,000 SAT will be for sale during the ICO
  • Hard cap is 8,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap is 2,000,000 USD


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To view the entire team, learn more about them and their advisors, visit the official website at: or read their whitepaper here:


Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.



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