Ripple (XRP) Can Now Be Sent Just As Easily As A Text Message

Ripple is a very popular cryptocurrency with a dedicated community that praises Ripple (XRP) for its incredible speed and cheap transaction fees.

A general consensus throughout the crypto community is that cryptocurrencies have to be more accessible and easy to use in order for the market to propel to the next level. That is why many solutions are continuously being built to make the transferring and spending of cryptocurrencies simpler, easier and cheaper.

Just recently, a new solution was created by Twitter user @baltazar223. He has created XRPText, a Telegram bot which allows users to send XRP with one another on the popular communication app.

By typing in simple commands like /send “amount” @user, you can send XRP to anyone on the app, even if they don’t have an XRP address or even know what Ripple is. When you receive some XRP through Telegram, you can simply use /withdraw “address” to get your XRP to your own address.

You can see the full command list below

2018-04-18 17_05_04-Telegram Web.png

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