How To Buy Bitcoin

Buy your first Bitcoin or fraction of Bitcoin

  1. To get started with buying your first Bitcoin or fraction of Bitcoin, simply click the following link: Coinbase

You will land on the Coinbase registration page saying: Useacoin has invited you to try Coinbase!.

2017-11-25 15_15_44-Coinbase - Buy_Sell Digital Currency – Google Chrome

  1. Fill out the information and create your account!
  2. When you have created your account, go to the Buy/Sell tap in the top of you


  1. Choose your payment method. Using a card is the easiest method for beginners, but the fees are higher than bank transfers. To complete setting up your payment method, complete the verification steps provided by Coinbase.


  1. You are now ready to buy your first Bitcoin! Click on Bitcoin under “Buy” if it isn’t chosen by default. You will have a weekly spending limit of about €325, which will go up over time. As you can see I have €91 remaining to spend this week.


  1. Now choose the amount you wish to spend, Coinbase will instantly calculate the amount of Bitcoin you will receive for the amount you choose. When you decide on your amount, click “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”. Then click “Confirm Buy”.



  1. After confirming your purchase, go back to your “Dashboard” and check out “Recent Activity” in the bottom right of your screen. At first, your transaction will be pending because the transaction has to be verified, just wait a bit and it will arrive.



8. Congratulations you now own Bitcoin. You can see how much Bitcoin you have in “Your Portfolio” and how much it is worth in dollars. Now your investment will follow the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin goes 7% up in value over two days, your investment does the same. If you wish to transfer your bitcoin to another wallet or make a payment. Go the “Accounts” tab and click “Send” on your BTC Wallet. If you want to receive Bitcoin click “Receive”.

I have greyed out different values on the screenshots for security reasons. If you have huge investments, some people recommend storing your Bitcoin in a digital wallet on your own computer or on a hardware wallet as this will give you 100% control over your digital currency. But for most beginners, it is probably safer to store them at Coinbase rather than trying to handle them yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

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