VRT – A New Generation Of Virtual Reality Through A Platform & Physical Locations

A nonexisting world which has taken the real world by storm

The world of technology and gaming is evolving at rapid speed. If you compare many of the tech devices or even games have today with those that were the hottest ones 10 years ago, the difference is clear. Especially games and the world of gaming is changing constantly, games are becoming more and more realistic and are exploring new experiences with every new title. However, even the way you play games is being innovated all the time. Today, there are multiple consoles on which you can play your favorite game, but one specific way of gaming, in particular, has been getting quite a lot of attention in recent times. I’m talking about virtual reality, which some bright minds by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg believes could be the next major technological platform for gaming and alike. Virtual reality allows you to enter an entirely new world an be completely emersed in it in a way never before seen in any sort of video game. There is, however, some difficulties in the industry which VRT, a tech startup believes they can fix through the use of blockchain technology. Their mission is to bring a better VR experience to people around the world and push the entire industry forward.

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Source: https://vrt.world

The three major issues VRT has identified

There is no question VR is a revolutionary technology which opens up a range of opportunities beyond the world of gaming. But it is not yet ready to carry out what many have envisioned. The VRT project has identified three issues they believe need to be fixed within the VR industry. These include the difficulty of developing a VR application, the expense of developing and using it, and the fact that is can currently only be used at home. In other words, VRT wants it to be cheaper and easier to develop VR applications, and cheaper for users to use it.  To do this, VRT is creating a global decentralized network based on blockchain technology, on which users can work together on projects and offer each other SDK and APIs. Users can also utilize the VRT marketplace where you can buy applications, VR assets or monetize your own work. Another very notable aspect of VRT is their physical VR experience. They are creating locations worldwide where people can visit and enjoy a truly unique VR experience. Some even believe that VR experiences will be a new favorite activity among gamers and even the world of e-sport, which is exactly what VRT aims to bring the world.

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Source: https://vrt.world/sites/default/files/WP_Eng_2.pdf

Token sale

To fund their project, VRT is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token VRT. VRT tokens are going to be used within the VRT ecosystem to facilitate payments for services, products and more.


The token sale started on the 14th of March

The token sale ends the 30th of May


1 VRT = 1 USD


  • Maximum amount of tokens minted is 100,000,000 VRT
  • A maximum of 75,000,000 VRT will be for sale during the ICO
  • Hard cap is 16,000,000 USD


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Source: https://vrt.world/#team

To view the entire team, learn more about them and their advisors, visit the official website at: https://vrt.world or read their whitepaper here: https://vrt.world/sites/default/files/WP_Eng_2.pdf


Learn more

If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it or their token sale, you can visit the following links below and read their whitepaper. To keep yourself up to date on the project, you can follow their social media accounts also linked below.

Website: https://vrt.world/

Whitepaper: https://vrt.world/sites/default/files/WP_Eng_2.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/vrtico

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VRTworld

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrtworld/


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