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The aim of the Savedroid project is to establish the most user-friendly AI-Based cryptocurrency savings platform. What this entails, is an ecosystem offering a wide variety of services related to cryptocurrencies, investing & saving. A huge problem concerning the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies is the technological barrier between the average consumer and the use of the technology. Sure many people are able to utilize cryptocurrencies on a fundamental level, but on a worldwide scale, almost nobody knows how to use them and some might not even be able to learn it. The Savedroid project aims to tackle this problem, by making the use of wallets, exchanges, security, private key control & storing of assets all included in the Savedroid platform. Furthermore, this platform aims to be the most user-friendly out there, as in, literally anybody, even those with no prior knowledge on the subject will be able to use it.




Savedroid noticed that people not involved/invested in cryptocurrencies are often discouraged by the difficulty of simply utilizing this new technology. Too many technical terms such as private key, order structure on exchanges, wallets, and the securing of digital assets are simply too hard to understand for some people. That’s why the Savedroid platform offers a wide variety of services to help people with no knowledge and maybe no interest in even learning these things, but still, want to be involved/invest in cryptocurrencies. These services provided by the platform include:

  • Simple conversion of fiat money to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies
  • Swapping existing savings from fiat money to cryptocurrency
  • Private key handling by offering a secure wallet
  • Making cryptocurrencies easily spendable by providing a digital credit card
  • AI-based saving solutions tailored personally to the individual

Savedroid has already published an app to prove their concept, this app was released back in July of 2016 and has more than 200 thousand downloads (mainly from Germany) & more than 10 million savings transactions. The Android version is linked here & the IOS version here.




Financial-related activities have been around ever since the invention of money. Almost everyone living in advanced civilized countries has or are forced to have savings, so the market is definitely there for Savedroid to tackle. The growing demand and interest for cryptocurrencies further improve the market Savedroid is operating in. To match this growth of digital assets, Savedroid is launching their own token SVD, an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The SVD token will be integrated into the Savedroid ecosystem, allowing for services to be paid with SVD. SVD tokens will also be to pay fees within the platform. Another feature implemented in the SVD token is a deflation mechanism, every time a fee is paid in SVD, a percentage of that transaction is burned. This causes the total supply of SVD tokens to continuously drop, potentially making the value of SVD rise. The flow of SVD tokens can be seen in this infographic made by the team.

SVD Floiw


Token sale

To fund their project, Savedroid is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token SVD. This token is as earlier mentioned going to be a payment/fee solution within their main product, the Savedroid platform.


Sale started the 9th of February

Sale ends the 9th of March


100 SVD = 1 Euro

For the pre-sale, a 30% bonus will be added to the purchase

Purchase can be made in BTC, ETH, EUR, USD, Bank Transfer & Credit Card


  • A total of SVD tokens will be issued
  • A maximum SVD will be available for purchase during the token sale

All unsold tokens will be burned/destroyed

The Savedroid platform will include a user-fee of which the structure is as follows

Fee structure



The Savedroid team consists of people with many years of experience in various parts of IT/Fin Tech-related businesses. Below are some individuals of the management board

2018-02-28 16_45_56-savedroid-ico-whitepaper.pdf – Google Chrome


The entire team and their advisors can be found on their website or in their whitepaper


The Savedroid project started back in 2015 & already has plans for what they need to accomplish in the upcoming years.




A video of the Founder & CEO, DR. Yassin Hankir has been prepared. In this video he explains the mission of the Savedroid project, and what they wish to accomplish.

Various other videos have also been uploaded to their youtube channel showcasing the rest of the team, presentations & guides related to the ICO process.

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If you find this project interesting and wish to learn more about it you can follow the links below to learn more about the project.






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