Lunes ICO – Decentralized Financial Platform

General Information

Lunes’ aim is to create a decentralized financial platform. What this entails is a wide variety of tools being used by the real financial world today, but based on the revolutionary technology blockchain. For this reason, Lunes is raising funds through an ICO, selling their token LNS (Lunes Tokens).

Their main product is their wallet Lunes Wallet which is currently in beta. This wallet will be the epicenter of the different services provided by Lunes. Some of the plans for this wallet as per their whitepaper is:

  • Lunes Market (A cryptocurrency exchange)
  • Coin tracking services + Alert system
  • Prepaid card + Management of this card
  • Invoice Payment (Brazil only)
  • Storage of various cryptocurrencies
  • Intentions of more financial services in the future

The Lunes token is not built on the Ethereum, Neo or Ada platform as many other ICOs are. This token has its very own blockchain and is storable on the Lunex wallet. One of the uses of the Lunes token is per their whitepaper, fuel:

Thus, we are using our own cryptocurrency, the Lunes, as the fuel for the validation of registers within our unchanging blockchain network.

Source: Offical Whitepaper 

Lunes is also creating Lunes Truth, a modernized digital register office. This product will allow for authentic records of all kinds to be issued on the blockchain.

Token Sale Structure

The ICO will start the 25th of February & end the 25th of April. Throughout this time the token will be sold different levels as seen below:

Ico prices

Source: Offical Whitepaper 

The interesting thing here is that Lunes is limiting how much a single investor can purchase in each round, allowing for as many different people as possible to have a chance of being involved while giving the earliest investors a very good price.

The total supply of the Lunes Token is 600.000.000 of which 466.000.000 is available for sale in the ICO. All unsold tokens will be burned.


Team lunes.png

Source: Offical Whitepaper 

Learn More

If you wish to learn more about this project, check out their official website or read their whitepaper here: Lunes Whitepaper


Notice: is not a financial advisor, always do your own research and invest responsibly. 

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