Indian Exchange, Coinsecure, Offers $340,000 To Whoever Can Find The Hacker

Help Coinsecure catch the hacker and get rewarded for it

One of the biggest fears for people holding their funds on exchanges and exchanges themselves for that sake is that the exchange gets hacked. Because of the nature of cryptocurrencies, you usually have no way of getting hacked funds back, so if an exchange gets all their holdings hacked, the users are affected.

A couple of days ago, Coinsecure, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, announced that 438.318 Bitcoin had been compromised¬†from the company’s wallet. This is never great news for users of the exchange, but luckily, Coinsecure has announced that they will be using their own funds to pay back the users stolen funds.

However, no exchange wants to experience such a thing, and mostly just wants the stolen assets back. That’s why Coinsecure announced today, that they will be offering 2 Crore, which equals to about $340,000 to anyone who can find the hacker behind the attack.

Currently, no one is certain who is behind the theft, but there has been some speculation from Coinsecure that this is the result of an inside job.

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